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Parenting Tips for Healthy Eating and Hygiene for Children

Parenting Tips for Healthy Eating and Hygiene for Children

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Parenting Tips for Healthy Eating and Hygiene for Children.

Parenting Tips for Healthy Eating and Hygiene for Children


Healthy nutrition and hygiene for children is the top of the list for keeping your children healthy and there are some basic guidelines that should be followed. These Parenting Tips for Healthy Eating and Hygiene for Children although basic while reminds you that your Childs development all depends on you the parents. When children are not taught how to make healthy choices when it comes to food and nutrition of basic hygiene habits then they could develop their own bad habits which will become very difficult to break.

That is why it is crucial to start teaching children as soon as they are able to understand the correct ways. To begin with, parents should start teaching children to eat healthily ensuring a well-balanced diet with fruit and vegetable s and a minimum of fast foods.  Fast foods and sweets should just be treats and nothing more. As soon as your child begins eating solid foods parents should begin with nutrition plans and it is easy enough to seek advice online or from your doctor if you have no idea what to feed them.

Parenting Tips for Healthy Eating and Hygiene for Children

Parenting Tips for Healthy Eating and Hygiene for Children start with you and you can teach a child from a very young age the importance of healthy nutrition and hygiene. In today’s fast-paced lifestyles many families after a tough day at work are too tired to cook and fast food dinners become commonplace. These are not the healthiest choices although there are some fast foods that are healthy but still few and far between and incomparable to the healthy food you as a parent would prepare for your child.

Where it concerns applying good Parenting Tips for Healthy Eating and Hygiene for Children you cannot try and save time by taking shortcuts so for foods try and prepare meals with the least amount of sugars, salts and fats to keep them healthy and eating a balanced diet.

The last tip for healthy nutritional habits is eating at the same time every day and you as a parent should also enforce meal times together as a family. If the child does become hungry before dinner time opts for giving them healthy snacks.

Parenting Tips for Teaching Healthy Hygiene Habits for Children.

Like teaching good nutritional values to children the same applies to teaching proper hygiene to keep children healthy and once again from the age they are able to understand.  Good hygiene will prevent them from becoming susceptible to diseases, common ailments and serious illnesses. Children must be taught to understand that dressing neatly is not all it takes for good hygiene but also the habit of washing hands, brushing teeth and avoiding situations which can cause ill health. Children are inquisitive and it is impossible to keep them squeaky clean all the time but after play times they can still be taught the importance of washing and bathing.

Parenting Tips for Healthy Eating and Hygiene for Children

Teach them the importance of washing hands before eating and touching food, avoiding foreign objects, fecal matter, and dirty public facilities, blowing noses, and covering their mouths while sneezing and coughing.  Other hygiene can mean showing them how to keep their nails and hair clean and to wear clean clothes and underwear after bathing which should be a daily occurrence for all children while growing up to become a healthy habit.

Parenting Methods

4 Parenting Styles: Which Parent are You?

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What Type of Parenting Styles are Best for My Child…

Parenting Styles

Apply Parenting Styles to Raise Balanced Happy Children…

Most parents learn off the bat their own parenting styles naturally without really identifying what methods they are using to raise their children.  It’s exciting having kids of your own and a huge responsibility while also being stressful because as a parent you certainly want everything of the best for your kids. In many instances and situations parents are worried about methods of disciplining and teaching children the right way fearing they may be making mistakes, or in hindsight if your child has grown up rebellious or a real spoilt brat parents will wonder where they went wrong. In this article we are going to take a look at some parenting styles and you can identify what type of parent you are and if you like use a balanced combination of parenting styles to bring up a healthy happy child.

What are Parenting Styles?

Simply explained parenting styles are the psychological methods parents use to raise their children, and because we are all different no two parents will have the exact same parenting methods either.  You bring up your child the way you think is right teaching them your ways of interacting with others, your unique ways of keeping them safe, your unique ways of keeping children disciplined. Once you understand what style you are applying perhaps you may realize it needs to be adjusted a little to nurture a loving balanced relationship with your children…

Let’s examine the basic Parenting Styles to  help you realize in what style you are leaning towards: 

The Authoritarian Parent.

If you are a firm strict parent with high expectations for your children, which you started applying to them as soon as they were able to understand you fit into this category. Although this parenting style has the benefit of making children grow up as strong individuals it can also put the child under extreme pressure to succeed and when they struggle, children may feel inadequate and failures. Strict parent’s eng forcing their authority over everything a child does will have an obedient child but there is more often than not a lack of communication and children will not have a happy balanced childhood in many cases because they live in fear of letting parents down.

Communicating with Your Children


Balanced Authoritative Flexible

Parenting styles where children are subject to lots of rules that you as a parent set is a similar style to that we have talked about above but a little better because there are lines of communication open.  Parents will explain to children why these rules have been set and when a child crosses boundary disciplines is applied but after explaining to the child why the measures have been implemented. In this parenting style there are still expectations set for children by parents, but because there is some flexibility the child will not feel under so much pressure.

Parents using this style of parenting have more balanced children that are happier compared with the authoritarian parenting style, with parents only being stern and unforgiving when their rules have been broken.

Communicating with Your Children

The Neglectful Parent Style.

Children that are raised under neglectful parenting styles do not have strong loving bonds with parents. Although children are provided with the necessities they need from food shelter water and education, parents do not get involved in any issues and activities of their kids.

Children that are reared under neglectful parenting methods learn to fight their own battles, and will know that it is a waste of time approaching parents for any assistance. Children may be fiercely independent, but also lonely, and can become rebellious of any authority that is imposed on them which can turn out to be a problem in school and college years.

Children parenting styles


Indulgent Parenting Styles.

Of course indulgent parenting styles are the most preferred style by children but the result is children that will always expect things to go their way, and they become spoilt and unruly when it doesn’t throwing tantrums which frustrate the parent until they give in to keep the peace. In this parenting style parents are involved in all children’s activities, are lenient when any rules are broken, and they will not have the necessary balanced discipline or independence in their lives to fight their own battles.

Parents that go out of their way to make children happy using indulgent parenting methods are the most common, but as the child grows up difficulties will arise with discipline and the child and parent may find themselves in difficult situations when boundaries have been crossed. Your parenting styles will depend on you when raising your child but if you want to have a warm loving relationship with children it is a sensible decision to have a balance of all these parenting styles.

You want your children to grow up healthy independent and balanced individuals only wanting everything of the best for them so consider a healthy balance in parenting styles for the best results…

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