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Internet safety tips for kids

7 Internet Safety Tips for Children

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Read these 7 Things Your Child Should Never Do Online…

Internet Safety For Kids Online

Internet Safety Tips for Children

Monitoring internet access of your children is something no parent should ever ignore and although the internet can be educational it can also be destructive for young kids. Some common sense internet safety tips will keep your children safe online because parents today know that the internet is full of predators, so to avoid something nasty happening simply put some  safety measures in place.

No matter what you do children are going to want to play games online, look up information, and they will often click on links they shouldn’t.  Parents, should invest in a ‘net nanny program’ if you can, but even if you do take note of these important internet safety tips for keep your children safe….

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Supervise your children while they are online whether it is with a tab smartphone or laptop and also explain to them the dangers that internet can bring so that they must always be vigilant and careful and tell you their parent as soon as they feel something is amiss.

1. Never Allow them to Chat Privately with a Stranger

It’s exciting for children to visit chat rooms and speak with others but many predators lure children with false identities in chat rooms. parents must be firm that this a a rule that must be obeyed at all times.  Be clear with your child that this is one rule they must obey.  Whenever they see any chat messages pop up they should call you and tell you right away. If they see private messages sent to them the same applies. Just like avoiding to talk to strangers in everyday life they should equally beware of this online.

2. Do Not allow them to Share any Photos

We all know that photos and videos posted on the internet can be around forever so let your child know that he/she must not take photos and share them online without your consent. Photos of themselves, or your home can attract criminals of all sorts of natures so this practice must be avoided. If the laptop or tab has a camera consider using a piece of tape to close it off while they are using the devices. Get More Internet safety tips for kids: Click Here

3. Never Give Out any Personal Information

Explain to your children that it is important to avoid sharing personal information just as it is with sharing photos online.  as Kid internet safety tips go this is one of the most important ones because your information can be used for identity theft. Do not allow your child to have any payment information or credit card details either. Your personal information can  used to commit all sorts of online fraud against you, and in turn will put your child’s personal safety at risk. Any information like email address phone numbers, home address , or names falls under this safety tip.

Kids Internet Safety Tips

4. Agree to Meet Anyone that Requests this…

Children can become excited when they believe they are chatting with someone their own ages and also living close by and can be lured into a secret meeting without parents being aware of it. You must be strict in telling them to never, ever meet any online strangers or someone they think is  an online “friend” in person. Internet predators are very smart and knowledgeable about how to groom young or naive kids and even adults in some cases to let down their guard and be caught out in a nasty situation.

5. They Must not Download any Software or  Apps without Your Permission

Another important one of the top internet safety tips for children is telling them not to a download ANYTHING without your permission.  They may see offers of FREE Apps and other online programs and they will not know that these could have have safety risks to them. By downloading games, and applications or software  apps, you can jeopardise online safety with viruses and malware and if you as a parent don’t know they have done so you could end up with a nasty surprise.

6. Must Avoid Clicking on  Unknown Links

Even us adults can often end up clicking on random online links from adverts and popups out of curiosity so image what you child could end up getting caught up with… As mentioned above this can expose your computer to  dangerous viruses and malware, and even corrupt all your data in the process. Clicking on  unknown links can also lure your children to end up viewing  adult pronographic material online. Children who cannot read properly  can be especially susceptible to these picture averts as they may see a lovely looking bright picture and not realize it will lead them to a totally foreign website than the one they are on.

7. Do Internet searches on the Search Engines

We know that search results online can give people results which are not always suitable and this applies to children.  Young kids should not be doing online searches for information even if they think it is school or educational related.  The results for searches using the wrong combination of words can trigger questionable material like adult material as mentioned above, or the results could lead your child to violent pictures or other nasty content. If your child needs to search for information let them know they can approach you for assistance…

Apply these internet safety tips as a parent and have peace of mind your child can be safe online. Your child may exhibit mature behavior online but even so there is always someone better smarter and clever enough to lure a child into a nasty situation that everyone can regret later.

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